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"A pocket rocket of a book: distills all the clever stuff you need to know about managing difficult emotions into accessible, easy-to-follow, straightforward advice. And it’s funny too!"

Elizabeth Day, Author and Podcaster

"Sam’s work and her approach to supporting mental health is second to none. I took so much from Stressilient and couldn’t recommend it more highly"

Ella Mills, Founder of Deliciously Ella

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Hence her short, sharp guide to managing your mind ― Stressilient: How to Beat Stress and Build Resilience ― is pointedly written by a woman for women…[Akbar’s] methods actually work and she explains them really well… Stressilient is a zippy read but it is grounded in robust scientific study… Akbar, 46, is instantly recognisable as a lovely person. In the book she quotes Charlie Brown alongside Greek philosophy, the Auschwitz survivor and psychologist Victor Frankl and the French philosopher Simone de Beauvoir.’ 

I am

Dr. Sam Akbar

I have worked as a clinical psychologist for a number of years and bring a wealth of expertise, knowledge and experience to my work.

I am also the author of Stressilient: How To Beat Stress and Build Resilience, which I wrote to provide realistic and actionable tools to help you feel calmer and manage stress in a much more effective way.

From understanding how your brain works, managing your emotions and challenging your thought-processes, to opening up your perspective and having more self-compassion, Stressilient offers an indispensable, easy and effective go-to guide to help you get from surviving to thriving.

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“The chapters touch upon tips for managing emotions, challenging negative thought processes and encouraging more self-compassion without being overly preachy. If I could inject it, I would.” 

"Now, clinical psychologist Dr Sam Akbar shows us how to become 'stressilient' with this fascinating and helpful book. Our tester found the practical guidelines exceptionally helpful, and liked the science-backed approach of the book."

"A new and brilliant book"

"Akbar draws usefully on her clinical experience, cogently outlines lessons without dumbing them down, and keeps her tone light and conversational. Those seeking friendly counsel on how to better manage their stress need look no further."


Notes From The Couch 

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I write about my experiences as a trauma therapist and the useful lessons I learn, and would like to share with you. I also share notes from my own couch at home, where I think more about tv and biscuits than the meaning of life.xt here...