September 6, 2020

A low-tech high-impact productivity hack

This is one of my favourite high tech tools for working out priorities.

You will need - wait for it - a pen and a piece of paper.  We use it in the NHS because that’s all we can afford anymore.

Write down the things that are priorities for you right now. What are the things taking up your headspace?

Now draw a large circle. That circle represents all the things bothering you that you wrote on your list.

Now divide that circle up, pie-chart style, to reflect what share each of your problems take up.

Is moving house 30%? Is getting a new job 20%?

It sounds so absurdly simple.

But seeing what’s going on in your mind written down on paper clarifies things. It’s not in your head anymore. You can see what’s taking up your headspace.

No fancy apps, computer programmes or posh journals.

Sometimes the simple things are the best. And cheapest. And approved by NHS budgets.

​Sit down now and just do this quickly. I think it will help to clarify things. 

​If you do, or don't find it helpful, tell me in the comments below. 


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