February 4, 2020

Avoid When I…Then I… Thinking

​​Complete the sentence. WHEN I have enough money/get a husband/get rid of a husband/get a bigger house/get a different job THEN I….

Then what? Then I will be happy? Less stressed? Have more time?

Be wary of this way of thinking - I know I have to be very careful not to get pulled into it. It’s so tempting though isn’t it? To think all your problems will go away when something else happens.

And of course some things will change for the better. But not everything. And thinking this way stops you enjoying and being present for the journey you are on. You’ll be a very tired hamster on a wheel on the verge of burning out all the time.

Instead of falling into the ‘When I...Then I’ trap, see if you can just sit with where you are.

Have a good week and thanks for reading this,

Dr Sam