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The best thing about the Mind Minute is it really does make a difference.

Dr Sam delivers her bite-sized chunks of wisdom with self-effacing wit, so reading her Mind Minute feels more like a welcome email from a friend than a missive from a clinical psychologist.

Emily Jupp



I love Dr Sam's wise, funny, anxiety-busting life tips.

Bite-sized and brilliant, The Mind Minute is the most invaluable 60 Seconds of my day.

Larushka Ivan-Zadeh
Chief Film Critic, Metro


​Dr Sam helps me get out of my head, gives me useful tips for tapping into my brilliant self even when I’m feeling a bit shabby and useless, and she makes me laugh. ​

The Mind Minute is like the good friend who knows you better than you know yourself and helps you get back up and on your way again with simple tips that work at home, in your relationships, on the job, or wherever you need to show up more naturally without getting in your own way.

​Jill Dickerson
​TV Producer

Intelligent self-development ​for busy women

Learn practical and accessible tools and techniques to help you thrive

​​​Whether it’s dealing with the anxiety you feel just before you pitch your big idea or balancing work, ​home and other demands, ​I want to help you create an excellent and fulfilling life for yourself by giving you the best science-backed tools and techniques you can use anywhere and anytime. 

​ My Mind Minute Newsletter is specifically designed for busy women like you who want to improve their well-being but don't have the luxury of time. If that sounds like you, then the Mind Minute will save you hours of precious time whilst improving your well-being so you can be your best self.

I send you my ​tried and tested psychology t​ips ​ and you can put them into practice wherever you are and whenever you want. ​Don't read the whole of the internet yourself looking for what works - just get the Mind Minute instead! You can't afford not to.

I am...
​DR. SAM Akbar

​I have worked as a clinical psychologist for a number of years and bring a wealth of expertise, knowledge and experience to my work. ​

I ​want to help women like you lead ​fulfilling lives. I started The Mind Minute and She Minds to provide you with science-backed psychology​ ​which is accessible, quick and fun. ​Think of the tools you find here as ways to enrich and enhance your life just as you'd go to the gym to improve your health.​

Another big, and really important, part of my working life is spent in the NHS treating refugees and torture survivors who are suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.​

Featured on...

"She’s passionate about helping everyone live better lives. But she understands we have about zero seconds to devote to this stuff, which is why her punchy newsletter The Mind Minute is full of ways to improve your wellbeing in 60 seconds or less (this woman speaks our language)."

My articles "The Best Ways To Beat Imposter Syndrome - an alternative to talking yourself out of it" and "The Truth About Procrastination' were published on Thrive Global's website. You can also read the same articles on my blog here.

​​​The Mind Minute is such a welcome addition to my email inbox.

The Mind Minute allows me space to take a breather and reset, which I have found so important for my mental health.

Dr. Sam provides useful, quick and refreshing tools to guide and encourage greater well-being, and I have found them easy to incorporate into my daily life.

​Sophia Lobanov-Rostovsky, Student 

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What My Clients Say...


As cliché as it might sound, the sessions I had with Sameena changed my life. She gave me techniques to cope with things I had been struggling with for years and useful tools I could use in everyday life too. I regularly think about my sessions and am still applying what I learnt. Thank you so much Sam!



What struck me when I first met Sam was how personable she was. I now have a fresh perspective on my life, things previously weighing me down don’t bother me anymore, able to handle what life throws at me and dare I say – happy and confident.’



My sessions with Sam were the first to actually introduce me to techniques that work. Sam is friendly and easy to talk to and I always felt completely at ease, leaving every session with a new perspective and new found motivation


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