May 22, 2019

How to beat the motivation trap

​The Myth of Motivation

How do you solve a problem like motivation? Can you sing it to the tune of ‘how do you solve a problem like Maria?’ Ok, probably not.

It can seem like motivation is the obstacle between you getting the life you want:

I’ll go to the gym when I feel a bit more likegoing.

I will apply for that job when I feel it’s right.

I will start doing all the things I want when I feel motivated.

Sound familiar? I know I’ve been there. Who hasn’t?

But be warned! It's a trap! A motivation trap!

If you wait to feel like doing something, then you’ll be waiting forever.

Low value and High Value Mindsets - what's yours?

Saying ‘I will start when I feel motivated’ is a LOW VALUE MINDSET.

You’re at the mercy of an internal state which may or may not show up when you need it to.

Motivation is like a flaky boyfriend. Don’t rely on it.

Instead, move to a HIGH VALUE MINDSET.

A high value mindset says ‘I will start then I’ll feel motivated.’

Start something because you it matters to you and you are committed to it.

Just Start. The rest will follow.

Make your mantra ‘JUST START.’ Let motivation follow later if it wants to.

It’s like playing hard to get with your own internal state. Or something.

So as soon as you read this, take one step towards doing something that matters to you even if you don’t feel likeit. Just start.

And that, my friends, how you start to get out of the motivation trap.