April 8, 2019

How to cope with a mind tornado

This Mind Minute is going to give you great tip on dealing with Mind Tornados. And just what is a mind tornado I hear you say? I've just invented it actually.

It's when you are caught up in your thoughts but they are swirling and racing around, and intermittently bashing into you. It's especially painful when those thoughts are the self-critical variety: I’m a failure, a loser, a fraud.

Rather than challenging, arguing or negotiating with your thoughts, try putting ‘I’m having the thought that...’ in front of your most self-critical thoughts.

Instead of saying ‘I’m a loser’ try this instead: ‘I’m just having a thought that I am loser’. It’s even better if you write it down or type it out on your phone.

You’re not going for whether the thought is true or not, you're just trying to give yourself some distance from it so you can do something more useful instead of doing ten rounds with your mind.

If you want to go Jedi level try out ‘I notice I am having the thought that I am no good/loser/failure’. You’ll be like Obi Wan by the end of the week. Without the beard (maybe).