June 16, 2019

Your secret superpower to manage your mind

You are not your thoughts.

Damnnnn. That blew my mind when I realised that.

We privilege our thinking self. That’s the part that problem-solves, analyses, judges, comments. All things that are important for us to plan and achieve.

But it can go wrong. We can get so caught up with our thoughts - especially the self-critical ones - that we create unnecessary suffering for ourselves.

What if there were a way to deal with your mind differently? Well there is. And it can be a game-changer.

If you can start to notice your thoughts, you can’t be your thoughts. Hmmm. Heavy, right? But by doing this you’ll start to recognise a really important part of yourself which will become your best friend. A part of yourself you may never have even know you had.

That part of you is your observing self. It’s the part of you that can notice all your thoughts and feelings without getting caught up in them.

It’s like when you are watching children in a soft play area. They are going nuts, like ravening maniacs. You, however, are watching serenely at the edges. You can notice the screaming,the shouting, the apocalyptic frenzy. But you are not, thankfully, part of it. That’s like your observing self noticing the content of your mind.  

Here’s a mini challenge for the weekend: try to see if you can just notice your thinking over the next day. See what it’s like to hang out with your observing self. I think you’ll like her.