5 Tips To Deal With Holiday Anxiety

Holiday anxiety

Aaah, holiday season is here again. Floaty dresses, bright blue skies, cocktails by theside of the pool...and your anxious mind.

We work hard. Holidays start to mean an awful lot, both in terms of time and money. When we visualise what holidays will look like, we often have a slightly (VERY) rose-tinted view. So when things don’t match up we feel disappointed.

One thing clients often discuss with me is the feeling of not being able to switch their anxious minds off and be worry free whilst lounging about beneath a palm tree.

In normal everydaylife we’re distracted by deadlines, friends, searching for bits of your kid’s PE kit, doing the neverending cycle of washing and other glamorous pastimes.

There’s none of that on holiday. It’s you and your overactive mind. It’s as though wherever you go, there you and your anxiety are.

You didn’t want it to come with you. But feelings sometimes do what they want. The alternative to hoping it won’t show up? Pack your anxiety some sunscreen and take it with you. Buy it a cocktail.

And when it does show up, try these tips to manage your anxiety and still have a great holiday:

  1. Thank your mind. Say ‘thanks mind’  every time it chips in with stuff you ​that starts making you anxious. It will want to fill the peaceful silence whilst you contemplate the sunset. You don't have to get into a conversation with your it. 
  1. Notice how anxiety feels in your body. Don’t fight with ​it. Breathe into the​ sensations of anxiety and make room for them. Notice the ebb and flow of physical sensations.
  1. Anxiety is a normal part of life. Remind yourself that anxiety is normal and it passes.
  1. Stop fighting with it. The less you battle with your anxiety and let it be, the quicker it tends to pass and the better you learn to deal with it.
  1. Remember that anxiety can’t kill you. It’s horrible, but it won’t hurt you.
And most importantly, and I can’t stress this enough, take extra travel adapters. Other people will ‘borrow’ them and dominate them. And I have no tips with how to cope with that level of stress.